Karthikeya 2 Nizam Theaters Shortage: Mafia Or Business?Nikhil’s Karthikeya 2 has released yesterday and has got superb positive talk and reviews. Even before the talk, the movie has got excellent bookings, and the trend was further consolidated by matinees.

The film had recovered 25% on the first day itself.

But then, the movie has got very few theaters in Hyderabad and there is a clear dearth of theaters for the movie.

Even Laal Singh Chaddha has got more theaters than Karthikeya 2.

Due to the postponements previously and the talk now, the movie has got tremendous support from the audience.

We can see them attacking all other films and the Nizam distributors mainly Dil Raju for not giving enough screens.

Since people think Dil Raju forced Karthikeya 2 to postpone to allow solo release for Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You on July 22nd, Dil Raju is the natural target and they are calling him a mafia.

But there is a different argument about it.

Laal Singh Chaddha, Macherla Niyojakavargam, Sita Ramam, and Bimbisara have got strong distributors. Even for flop films, it is natural for the distributors and producers to wish to enjoy the weekend and Independence day holiday advantage.

It is quite natural for them to stick to the theaters during the holiday season. Exhibitors, on the other side, will have their rents for any film and so, need not do any favor for Karthikeya 2.

It is true that Karthikeya 2 deserves more theaters and more collections but it is not a crime for flop movies to make some money exploiting the holiday season and hit movies in their second week. That is nothing but business.

For whatever reason, Karthikeya 2 has got a weak distributor and has come during the wrong timing.