Karthi Turns His Back on Sri Reddy ControversySri Reddy has been making accusations on the Tamil celebrities, revealing the names one by one. So far, no Tamil celebrity opened up on the issue and Karthi has faced the question from the media when he was travelling to promote his movie.

Karthi opined that Sri Reddy’s issue is a baseless one as the actress is making allegations without providing any proof on her allegations. The actor even observed that she could have approached police by now if she had any evidence against those people on whom she had been slinging mud.

So, he said that an official statement will be issued by the Nadigar Sangham. We are awaiting a proper response from Nadigar Sangham’s General Secretary Vishal Reddy who was vocal when Sri Reddy took Nani’s name. From AR Murugadoss to Raghava Lawrence; Sri Reddy is expanding her list. It’s time, they respond on the issue otherwise plan a stringent action.