Karthi Broke Down into Uncontrollable TearsIt was a heart-wrenching sight to see Karthi break into uncontrollable tears looking at the demised soul of Vyasai Nithya who passed away in an accident. After coming to know about the tragic accident, Karthi immediately rushed to pay tribute to the demised soul.

Die-hard fans of stars give everything without expecting anything in return from their screen heroes. They are the reason for the stars to thrive in the industry. So, when a die-hard fan dies in an accident, the least a star can do is to pay proper tribute.

Vyasai was part of Karthi Makkal Nala Mandram, a fan association that is into many service-oriented programmes in the star’s name. Vyasai was an active member of this association and part of many social work programmes as the district organiser.

Only after paying the tribute to his fan, Karthi went to the audio launch event of his upcoming movie ‘Thambi’ where he once again paid tributes to the demised soul of his die-hard fan by observing silence for a minute.