Rajinikanth Cutout Controversy, Rajinikanth Karnataka Cutout Controversy, Rajinikanth Kabali Cutout Controversy, Rajinikanth Karnataka Cutout Covered  The theater owners in Karnataka had covered the cut outs of Rajinikanth fearing that the protestors might attack places like theaters. ‘Kabali’ is still running successfully in theaters of Karnataka.

One day Bandh was observed this week in Karnataka to protest regarding sharing of Mahadayi river water. When the situation is gripped by the fear of protests, no one can feel safe from the possible unsafe incidents that may arise eventually.

Even a superstar like Rajinikanth also has to take refuge from being attacked by any mob on a day when there is unrest. The huge cut outs of the Rajinikanth decked with garlands were seen covered up fully to avoid being attacked by mobs.