Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Trailer
The trailer of actor Saumanth’s new film Kapatadhaari is out. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha did the unveiling. It is a suspense thriller, and the trailer sets the right expectations to the movie.

Police officer getting involved in a murder mystery is nothing. It is the standard staple of thrillers. However, in Kapatadhaari, it is tweaked to traffic police. How he gets embroiled in an investigation that is out of his jurisdiction is a vital difference. The trailer does a fine job in conveying it.

The rest of the intrigue and attention is grabbed by the visuals which promise something big and unexpected. Barring a couple of repetitive moments, the whole thing looked slick and packaged well. The background score by Simon K King helps in elevating the suspenseful mood.

Kapatadhaari is a remake of Kannada film Kavaludaari. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy handles it in Telugu. Incidentally, the movie is also getting a Tamil remake which has Sibi Sathyaraj in the lead. Nanditha Swetha, Nasser, Jayaprakash etc. play critical roles.

Check out the trailer below. G Dhananjayan produces the thriller in Telugu and Tamil. The release date of the latte is out as January 28th. We have to wait for the official confirmation for the same in Telugu.