All-Eyes-on-Akkineni-Hero,-2nd-One-Risking-Theatrical-ReleaseChristmas is coming very soon and it’s actually the time for big releases, previously. Now, it’s an anxious Christmas for the movies that decided to take the plunge when everyone wants to watch and see how audiences would consider going to theatres.

Sumanth’s neo noir thriller ‘Kapatadhaari’ has announced that it’s coming for Christmas 2020. It’s the remake of Kannada movie ‘Kavuladaari’ and it’s the second movie that’s announced the theatrical release.

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It’s understood that there would be curiosity in the trade to wait and see how the two movies would fare at the box-office with 50% occupancy rate and of course, the coronavirus scare hanging on their heads.

If a big hero or a mega hero dares to watch one of the movies in the theatres as Aamir Khan went to a theatre in Mumbai and watched the movie in the theatre along with the public, it would be a great attraction to pull crowds to theatres. Let’s see.

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