kantara-varaha-roopamKannada cinema produced its second biggest box office blockbuster of 2022 after KGF 2 with Kantara. The film reportedly grossed over Rs 400 crores worldwide and is a box office blockbuster of epic proportions in terms of investment and return.

Kantara made its OTT debut last night on Amazon Prime Video and it has started off on a disappointing note.

Amazon Prime Video has removed the Varaharoopam soundtrack that comes in the all-important climax part of Kantara. The OTT giant has removed the track over plagiarism claims made by the musical band Thaikkudam Bridge. The band claimed the track belongs to them and the one used in Kantara is a plagiarised one, and as a result, it has been removed.

Those who’ve watched Kantara in theaters and are now watching it on Amazon Prime are saying that the climax part looks completely different without the Varaharoopa soundtrack. They say the climax portion is lacking the intensity in the OTT print as compared to the theatrical version.