Kantara Hero Facing The Heat Over Latest CommentNoted Kannada actor Rishab Shetty is the man of the hour. His latest film, Kantara is a sensational blockbuster all across the nation and it is the talk of the town in Indian cinema now. But now, Rishab is facing the heat for his latest comment.

“I am a proud Kannadiga. Won’t work in Hindi films. It’s because of the Kannada film industry and Kannada people, I am here today. Just because a film becomes a hit, my family and friends won’t change. My core lies with Kannada cinema” Rishab Shetty said in a recent interview.

This comment from the Kantara hero has drawn a polar response from netizens. While Kannada netizens are appreciating him for his love towards home industry, other language followers are calling him out.

“Just one big hit and he’s already showing attitude. If he’s so very loves Kannada film industry and wants to stay there then why did he release his film in Hindi? He wants our money but doesn’t respect our industry” a Hindi speaking netizen commented on Rishab’s statement.

“He would have told this before release of his movie #kantaara All the audience including Hindi audience praised his movie, that’s why it got blockbuster hit.
These kinds of arrogant talk people will never go again, no wonder if after sometimes people won’t remember him.” Another Hindi lad commented.