Kannada industry mourns ANR's death
It is not only the Telugu film industry that is shocked over the sudden death of ANR, who was believed to be recovering well from his recent cancer surgery. But even celebrities from Kannada as well as a few from Bollywood have expressed their condolences over the death of this legend. ANR passed away in his sleep on Wednesday morning.

Kannada Superstar Shivraj Kumar said that the death of ANR is not just a loss to Telugu industry, but to the entire Indian cinema. He said his father and him were great friends and would visit each other whenever they were in town. Director Dwarakesh said ANR had informed him about his health issues few months back but he didn’t show any signs of fear. He had very strong will power and that’s precisely what kept him alive for all these years.

In Bollywood, celebrities like Anupam Kher and Madhur Bhandarkar remembered ANR. Kher posted on his Twitter page that ANR was an actor, a gentleman & a cinematic phenomena. Have learnt a lot from him. Will Miss him and his performances.R.I.P. Bhandarkar said he was the doyen of Indian cinema and his memorable performances will be missed.