Director Prashanth NeelKGF 2 is ready for a release this 14th and there is a good hype for the film all over the country. Prashanth Neel is the man behind the film and he is being praised for putting Kannada cinema on the Indian map.

But there are also a few who are abusing Neel saying he is promoting the film as a Hindi project more than Kannada. Some feel that Neel will leave Kannada cinema as he is getting more popular in the other parts of the country.

But one has to understand that a director like Prashanth Neel needs heroes who can set the cash registers on fire. A Kannada hero or local talent will not help him to reach the top form.

Prashanth is exactly doing the same going by his line up. He has films with Prabhas and NTR and if these films click, he will be in a different league altogether. But it looks like a section of Kannada fans don’t like this idea but sadly, the trade goes by numbers not emotions.