Kannada Apology Cost Rs. 40 Cr for Baahubali 2!The Kannada activists are not in a mood to let go the golden opportunity they have got in the name of ‘Baahubali 2‘. They want to use this moment to make Sathyaraj apologize for the anti-Kannadiga comments he made with regard to Cauvery waters issue.

Satyaraj who played the key role as Kattappa in ‘Baahubali’ is maintaining silence sand seems to be in no mood to make any attempt to pacify those Kannada activists. The Kannada theatrical rights are expected to get around Rs. 40 crores. With his silence, the Kannada outfits are in no mood to allow ‘Baahubali 2’ to release in Karnataka.

Though their anger is only on Sathyaraj, the entire movie is going to suffer. Will the producers release the movie themselves in Karnataka or can they find out a middle path to settle the issue and save the business prospects of the epic movie? Let’s wait and see.