Kanchana 3 Mass Rampage Holding Off Jersey Threat The Raghava Lawrence directed Kanchana 3 is creating a sensation at the mass stations across the Southern film industries of Telugu and Tamil. While in Tamil it has no competition, in Telugu it faces Nani starrer Jersey.

Kanchana 3 practically arrived with no promotion and hurriedly done pre-release function. Jersey meanwhile had proper build up and on its opening day got glowing reviews. Many expected the later to walk over the competition given its zero buzz before release.

However, right from the opening day Kanchana 3 has sprung a surprise by garnering a massive response. The mass centres especially have been fantastic registering the third biggest opening of the year. For the weekend, at least, Kanchana 3 is withstanding the Jersey onslaught very well and giving it a tough fight.

In Tamil Nadu, the business is entirely in favour of Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3 as it has registered third biggest opening of the year. After the top stars, Lawrence is the only one to get a double-digit opening day and continue it with another for the weekend.

Put the Telugu and Tamil business together, Kanchana 3 is going to be a huge money spinner for everyone despite the poor critical reviews it got on its release. It suggests a robust critic-proof liking for the franchise among the masses.