Kanabadutaledu TrailerThe trailer of Sunil’s new film Kanabadutaledu is out now. The actor plays a serious cop in the movie, which looks like an engaging investigative thriller based on available snippets.

The thing that registers instantly and draws us in is the voice-over dialogues at the start. Curiosity is built around the premise. The background score further enhances the appeal as it amplifies the thriller feel.

The core mystery involving the missing persons is the basic plot. It is conveyed neatly with the trailer along with the tone of the movie. The writing could be the problem here as the attempt to integrate the humour doesn’t seem to generate the required impact. Still, it is alright and not entirely negative.

Sunil, who is looking for different roles and genres to regain his mojo, is alright. He continues his Colour Photo act. The rest of the cast, too, looks decent for a low budget thriller film. Madhu Ponnas music is fine.

Kanabadutaledu is a Spark presentation and was previously planned as an exclusive release on the app. However, with things related to the Covid-19 easing a bit; it is getting a theatrical release.

Check out the trailer below. Balaraju M directs Kanabadutaledu. The suspense thriller hits the big screens on August 13th.