Kanabadutaledu TeaserSPARK OTT is ready with another impressive murder mystery drama. The teaser of Kanabadutaledu is out which starts on an intriguing note with the actor Sunil gives us a glimpse of his role and the premise.

Sunil is a detective who is on the lookout to crack a murder mystery. He adds pun with his dialogue to his role stating how a detective is different from a cop, who adds that the detective looks even the minuscule of things with great detail, unlike police personnel who checks after bigger things.

The teaser close to two minutes gives glimpses of love and action coupled with bloodshed. Madhu Ponnas BGM is striking and helps in accentuating the proceedings. The teaser builds the suspense stating that every person has two faces and how difficult it is to analyze them.

Who are these mysterious people who are too big, these are some of the answers one needs to find out? We could come to know some of them in the trailer. Bala Raju M is wielding the megaphone while the film stars notable artistes.

Until then watch the teaser of Kanabadutaledu: