Kammula's connection with Rajinikanth

Sekhar Kammula’s name will now ring in Tamil industry soon after the release of Anaamika in Tamil as well. The director was recently in town for the trailer launch of the film, which features Nayantara in the lead. Apparently, while addressing the media, Kammula was asked if he would like to work in Tamil as well.

He expressed his interest instantly and said that he would love to remake ‘Leader’ with Rajinikanth if given an opportunity. He also added that he has plans to make in Tamil as well in the future but as of now he only wants to concentrate in Telugu, his mother tongue. He said that adapting the film to local sensibilities was a challenge.

He said that When you’re doing a frame-to-frame copy then a remake might be easy to execute but adapting a remake to local sensibilities is always a challenge, irrespective of the language it is being made in. ‘Anaamika’ is not a frame-to-frame copy of the original, it has been adapted to suit the local flavour. The film will have a simultaneous release in Telugu as well as Tamil.