The southern remake of Kahaani titled ‘Anamika’ in Telugu and ‘Nee Enge En Anbey’ in Tamil is all set to release May 1 worldwide. There were reports that the film was originally made in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil, but director Sekhar Kammula has denied the news and said that the project was separately shot in Tamil as well.

Kammula said Nayantara plays two different characters in both the versions of the film. He said the Tamil version is actually four minutes longer than the Telugu version. He was very particular that he shot the film in Tamil as well because dubbing it would have made the setting of the film look artificial. We have to agree with Kammula because he has also cast actors who could fluently speak Tamil as well as Telugu. This is smart casting by Kammula and shows the importance he has given to his characters and the language.

There has been a lot of buzz about the film and we have to see if it can create the same impact as the original.