Sujana Chowdary -AP BJP PresidentReports are emerging that BJP High Command is contemplating to change BJP Andhra Pradesh President. Kanna Lakshminarayana was given the responsibility earlier but now the party is contemplating to have Kamma Leadership for the party now to eliminate TDP from Andhra Pradesh Political Space.

Rumors are rift that Sujana Chowdary may be picked for the post. Sujana Chowdary who along with him brought three Rajya Sabha MPs is trying to bring more MLAs, MPs, and former leaders of TDP into BJP. He will get into the good books of Modi and Shah if he manages to execute this task.

Plans are on to have Kamma Leadership with the support of Kapu and BCs to make BJP a successful force by 2024 elections. BJP has just managed 0.84% Vote Share in the recent elections. Not a single candidate from the party in Andhra Pradesh managed to get his deposit back in the election.

But then, BJP managed to come to Power in certain states just in the span of five years where they are nothing. So, they are harboring their hopes on Andhra Pradesh with similar experiences.