Kamal's long term wish!

Kamal Hassan wanted to take a ‘sweet revenge’ on his guru and God father K.Balachander who did not allow him to be the director at initial stage. Of course, it was done for the benefit of Kamal. Balu sir identified Kamal’s talent and asked him to focus on acting. Only with his advice, Kamal concentrated on acting and became the India’s one of the best actors. Both of them worked together in 36 films, indicating the strong relationship between two legendaries.”I feel Kamal is a much better director than I am, and am proud of him. He would go places with his talent,” said Balachandar , during the re-release of the film Ninaithale Inikkum recently. Kamal directs the movies but he is mostly seen as a hero. Recalling his association with Balu sir during the function, Kamal declared that he would make Balachander to come in front of camera and act in a film.

Kamal said it was his long term wish and it would surely be fulfilled very soon. 83 years old Balachandar who extracted hidden talent from many new actors but did not test his own acting skills. So, it will happen with the initiative of Kamal who is currently busy with sequel to Vishwaroopam.