kamal hassan says about brahmins‘It’s not just the cows, we shouldn’t kill and eat any other animal. Even fish are living beings”, said Kamal Haasan in a recent television interview. He further reasoned that if cow is like our mother, then fish is ‘Matsyavatar’ (Lord Vishnu’s avatar) and hence like cows, we shouldn’t eat fish either.

He didn’t stop at this. He adds that fish are as holy as cows. “Brahmins in some parts of the country consume fish. Centuries back, even brahmins ate cows.” In the present scenario where the ban on beef has become controversial, Kamal Haasan’s comments are going to literally kindle fire.

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Messing up with religious outfits isn’t going to be easy in a secular country like India and many times universal star Kamal Haasan earned their ire through his pictures. For ‘Vishwaroopam’ it was the Muslims outfits who protested against him and Hindu outfits are breathing fire on his upcoming ‘Uttama Villain’. So with the above comments on cows, Kamal seems to be messing up with a serious issue.