Kamal Haasan's intelligent move

Post Vishwaroopam controversy, Kamal Haasan is taking steps with lot of care in the industry, as he is aware that he is always being watched by some members. In an effort to encompass large chunk of audience, Kamal’s next film will be a bilingual, and he’s making it for Kannada folks.

All these years, he’s only been making films for Tamil audiences, but out of the blue, Kamal wants to cater to Kannada audiences as well. I wonder what would be reason. One of the reasons definitely has to be the fact that his own people didn’t support his film Vishwaroopam. He may though that it would make sense to actually make films for those who would welcome him with arms wide open.

This is strategically brilliant move by Kamal Haasan, who is eyeing to go beyond regional barriers and encompass as much as audience as possible. We have to wait to find out if this move will work or not.