Kamal Haasan Two Classic Hits to Be Re-Released on the Big ScreenWhen Rajinikanth’s blockbuster movie Basha had once again hit the theatres earlier this year, it was met with appreciation and had a decent turnout from viewers in a select number of screens. Now it seems that this trend of re-releasing films is here to stay and the next in line are two more of Kamal Haasan’s films.

The films in question are two of the actor’s hit films from the 1980s. The first one is Vetri Vizha which was originally released in 1989 and starred Kamal Haasan, Prabhu and Khushboo in lead roles. The other film is Meendum Kokila, originally released in 1981 and starring Sridevi and Deepa along with Kamal Haasan in lead roles.

Now, the digitally enhanced version of both the movies are set to be released by Darwin Pictures in June of 2017 and the audiences are eagerly awaiting them!