thoongavanam bollywood titleVeteran star Kamal Haasan, who recently starred in the bilingual film ‘Thoonga Vanam’ (Cheekati Rajyam) has decided to return to the Hindi Cinema after a long break. The actor will, apparently, return to the silver screens with the same movie, ‘Thoonga Vanam’, in its Hindi remake.

Although, Kamal Haasan seems to be busy correcting people all around stating that the Hindi remake will be of the French film ‘Nuit Blanche’, the original movie of which ‘Thoonga Vanam’ is a remake. The real question here is that why is the making of a Hindi version of an average film being talked about now, long after the release of the Tamil and Telugu versions. The actor revealed the answer by saying that he had wanted to do the Hindi version earlier along with the other two but the producer owning the rights didn’t agree.

However, with Kamal playing the lead in the remake now, it seems the two are in agreement.