Kamal Haasan proves he is the controversy King Kamal Haasan seems to be the most favourite child of controversies. This time his statements supporting the ‘Jallikattu’ festival prevalent in some parts of Tamil Nadu during Pongal season is the reason behind the controversy. The festival is considered the most brutal one during which animals are tortured in different ways.

This bull taming sport was banned in 2014 after many many protests and appeals from the Animal Welfare Outfits which work against the cruelty of animals. Attending a photo exhibition of this Jallikattu, Kamal Haasan opined that this festival should be revived.

Now animal activists are breathing fire on Kamal for his insensitiveness towards dumb creatures. Many real videos available online show how brutal and insensitive people behave during ‘Jallikattu’ in the taming the animal.