Kamal Haasan Old Struggle with CM surfaces Again!Why are people talking about Kamal Haasan’s old struggle with former Chief Minister Jayalalitha? Back then, she troubled him a lot and created hurdles for the release of his film ‘Vishwaroopam’.

Kamal observes that some people think he didn’t fight against Jayalalitha when she was in power and he wasn’t vocal about the issue. But then, he wants people to understand that he filed a case against the government of Tamil Nadu. It was Raaj Kamal Films Vs. Tamil Nadu government. Kamal won the case and then the film could see the light of the day.

Indeed, Kamal Haasan is quite outspoken on Twitter and several of his statements made headlines and political furore. Nevertheless, the universal star seems to be fearless about speaking his heart out when it comes to public issues.