Kamal Haasan Has No Regrets About the Huge Delay of Vishwaroopam 2Kamal Hassan has been waiting for a good release from quite a long with some of them shelved and the next release Vishwaroopam 2 too suffered a huge delay to see the screens. Well, the actor is partially sad about the delay but satisfied that pause saying how well the movie came out taking advantage of the gap.

The film after a lot of dilemmas finally got the release date on August 10 and the actor says the delay only did well to the film. When asked if the gap of five years between the first part and the second will impact the audience to properly follow the film if the audience can’t recall the story of the first part, Kamal says that it doesn’t matter if one has watched the first one because Vishwaroopam 2 itself is a prequel and the sequel of the franchise.

Also, the film’s screenplay will remind the audience of the events from the first part keeping them connected with the story. The film is going to release on Tamil Telugu and Hindi languages with Kamal pretty confident about the success of the same. For the star has plans of retiring from the acting profession soon, this film needs to leave a mark for him to start off his political career with no regrets.