Kamal Haasan flatly refutes media propagandaActor Kamal Haasan who always has a strong clarity of his own on any issue has once again made headlines with his sharp remarks on the ongoing retuning of the awards done by eminent scholars and artists.

When asked by scribes to express his view, the actor who is known as a controversy child, had no hesitation in saying that returning awards is an insult to the government and that he wouldn’t do that. He even added that those who return awards why just stop at it and why not return all their earning too. Speaking about growing intolerance, he urged everyone to have regular debates about it from time to time.

Kamal Haasan isn’t the first artist to air such views, yesterday Bollywood Baadshah to had similar opinion regarding returning of the awards and said that he won’t be returning them either. It has to be seen if these positive voices too get noticed or remains ignored by the propaganda influenced media.