After the stupendous success of Malaylam film ‘Drishyam’, it is remade into Telugu and Kannada. Not many changes were made to the script for the remake versions of ‘Drishyam’. In fact, Telugu ‘Drishyam’ followed the Malayalam script as it is except very few changes. The basic script remained the same. Now that the movie is going to be remade in Tamil, one question by default flashes our minds…Will ‘Drishyam’s original script remains the same or will there be any major changes to the script.

Some people might be wondering from where did this script change idea dawn in the first place. This script change concept comes from the rumour that is making rounds regarding Kamal Haasan’s movie. There are rumours that Sridevi was approached to do the police officer role and she rejected the offer. The rumours quote the reason that Boney Kapoor, Sri’s husband doesn’t want his wife to act in Kamal Haasan’s movie because there would invariably be lip lock scenes in his film. According to the original script, there is no possibility of any kissing scene between the protagonist and the police officer. Whoever made up this story must have forgotten the connection between the two characters in ‘Drishyam’. Poor guys! ROFL.