Kamal Haasan, Kamal Haasan Escaped Death, Kamal Haasan Death Deadly Accident, Kamal Haasan Accident Unknown Details, Kamal Haasan Accident Unknown SecretsSometimes we thank God for being very fortunate at the right moment. Kamal Haasan might be an atheist, but he has to agree that he is one fortunate person who had someone to help him when he fell down and injured his leg in his office recently.

If there had been no person to help him, Kamal could have bled to death reveals the actor. He fell off from 18 feet when the floor under his feet gave in. We know, he injured his leg to the extent that it fractured and had to undergo a couple of surgeries and presently advised bed rest for a few months.

Now Kamal Haasan is recovering from the injury but he knows that if no one was there, he could have bled to death. Now, the actor is thinking of getting back to work as soon as possible and resume shooting for his ambitious project ‘Sabhash Naidu’.