Kamal and Shakthi work together on a short-film!Kamal Haasan seems to have found a way to repay the person who first directed him in a movie hence starting his amazing career. R.C. Shakthi, the director who first directed Haasan in ‘Unarchigal’, is back making another movie after almost two decades. This film, named ‘Ainthu Rojakkal’, will be a short 45-minute film and songs by Kamal Haasan will be featured in this film. We hear that the renowned actor has already written and composed the title song for the short film.

The film was originally thought as just a small movie featuring Shakthi’s family members with the theme of “social evils and violence and how they have affected children” but once Haasan heard that Shakthi was again directing a film, he gave them a surprise visit.