patas-kalyan-Ram‘Pataas’ is a Telugu word which literally means something which bursts when ignited but it’s effect is only to scare away and cause no real damage. True to the title of his upcoming movie, Kalyan Ram is taking every care to see that his films ignites like a ‘Pataas’ and entertains cine lovers and most importantly the Nandamuri fans.

Nandamuri fans have become very important here. There is a talk in the industry that Nandamuri fans are now divided. A section of these fans aren’t supporting Jr.NTR and enstranged him totally because of the actor’s strained relationship with Nandamuri scion Balakrishna. The pre-election scenario seems to have added to the fire though junior never accepted to that.

Presently, Kalyan Ram doesn’t want to undergo the same fate of his brother. To amuse Nandamuri fans who exclusively admire Balakrishna, he is going to remix one of his superhit songs from the film ‘Rowdy Inspector’ with lyrics ‘Arey O Samba’ for ‘Pataas’ for a perfect mass number. The music director of the film Sai Karthik had already recorded the remix song which is to be shot soon. Clever move indeed!