Kalyan Ram joins the Cricket league!

In a world where the kids seem to be migrating towards all the new techs and gadgets and the number of outdoor games’ players has decreased to almost none, a new idea has been developed which will make them shift their focus to an outdoor game, a Cricket League being conducted on the 1st of December. This match will take place between the two different generation teams –students and their parents. The BHEL Stadium will be the venue for the matches and will be led by the legendary cricketer VVS Laxman.

There will be four teams representing four houses, named after well-known mountain ranges, which are— Vindhya Victors (Red House), Aravalli Avengers (Green House), Satpura Superheroes (Yellow House) and Nilgiri Ninjas (Blue House). The mentors, popular actors, for each of these teams are as follows Aravalli Avengers is Kalyan Ram, Satpura Superheroes is Sunil, Nilgiri Ninjas is Akul Balaji and Vindhya Victors is Sreedhar Rao. Each team will have 12 players, a combination of six students and their parents.