Kalyan Ram doing the same mistake again!

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is a talented guy and he managed to impress every one. But the actor was never consistent at the box office and fell behind in the race. His last movie, Om was the second 3D film in Telugu made with a budget of more than 20 Crores. The movie went on to become big disaster and Kalyan Ram lost quite a good amount of money. Fans have been saying that he should try experienced directors instead of banking on new ones or the inexperienced guys.

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But Kalyan Ram is once again treading the same path. His next movie will be directed by Mallikarjun who delivered a disaster to him in the form of Kathi previously. Currently, the story discussions of the movie is going on. Fans are worrying about ‘Same Mistake bringing the Same result’. Lets hope they go wrong!