Rajasekhar-KalkiHero Rajasekhar’s long-awaited trailer of Kalki has got its release scheduled to hit the theaters with Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi screened on Thursday. The hero himself took to Twitter announcing the news stating informing the release of their commercial trailer.

The film is carrying good hype till now and the last promotional material of the film, the teaser got great applause giving it up to the visual effects and the perfect cuts keeping the audience guessing and thrilled.

The director Prasanth Varma has gained good marks so far to go with what he showed and is apparently planning on a series for the film which means, there is going to be Kalki 2, maybe Kalki 3 too.

Garuda Vega gave a boost to the career of Rajasekhar and Kalki is expected to take the success further. That we will know on 17th May. Let’s see what the trailer has in store for us.