sumanth ashwin-prabhakarTollywood actor Prabhakar, who played the role of menacing villain Kalakeya in Baahubali earned immense popularity across the country. It’s very obvious that he might have got offers from various film industries other than Tollywood.

But after Baahubali, we didn’t see him in any new film. Why did he disappear suddenly? The reason is simple. Prabhakar wants to do some positive roles besides his usual negative roles. But he was offered many roles that didn’t give him what he desired.

Hence the actor took a break and finally acting in a positive role in MS Raju’s ‘Right Right’ starring Sumanth Ashwin in the lead in which he is playing a bus conductor who speaks Srikakulam slang. Besides this he has a few other Telugu movies and also a Malayalam movie in hands. He had to turn down Bollywood and Kollywood offers due to date adjustment issues.