Kakinada Exhibitors Say No More Benefit Shows!As we had reported earlier, a few over enthusiastic fans damaged cinema screens in a few theaters in Andhra Pradesh during Pokiri special shows. This has led to a serious aftermath effect.

Now, Kakinada Cine Exhibitors have taken a stern decision on screening special shows in the theaters across the town.

As per the new media communication released by Kakinada exhibitors, they have decided not to screen any special shows or benefit shows starting from the 11th of August. If any theatre owner or exhibitor violates the regulation, they will have to pay Rs 1 lakh fine to the association.

This comes days after Pokiri special shows, during which a few theaters suffered losses as fans tore the silver screens.

This also comes at a time when Mega fans are planning the widest possible re-release for Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa on the 2nd of September. Given the new order, they’ll have to stay out of Kakinada.

Now the big question is, will other area exhibitors also take the same decision in a bid to avoid incurring losses due to hungama created by fans? If yes, it could mark the end to special shows culture.

Kakinada Exhibitors Say No More Benefit Shows!