The latest news which is making rounds in media regarding Kajal is that she is playing Chandramukhi in an upcoming Bollywood movie. While Richa Chadda is playing Paru, Rahul Bhatt is playing Devdas. Actually this movie isn’t the remake of Sharath Chandra’s famous Bengali novel but a free adaptation of the novel to the modern times. One would be straight away falling into pits, if they think Paru and Chandramukhi would be like the ones we have already seen in previous editions of those characters in movies made in various Indian languages.

This movie is actually titled ‘Aur Devdas’ (tentative) to be directed by Sudheer Mishra. Initially Hyderabad girl Aditi Rai Hydari was considered for Chandramukhi’s role. But finally according to the latest reports, Kajal Agarwal is being finalised. In Sharath’s ‘Devdas’, Chandramukhi is a prostitute who has inclinations towards aesthetic sense and believes in pure love. That means Kajal Agarwal might most probably play the role of a modern day prostitute according to the sources. After ‘Special 26’, this would be the next Bollywood venture of Kajal.