Actors and Actresses of film industry often sign various marketing deals with different brands of product. Latest in is that Kajal Agaarwal has struck a deal with Dabur India, which is the leading natural beauty care company in India, according to which actress Kajal Agarwal is the new face of its flagship hair oil brand – Dabur Amla Nelli Hair Oil. The company statement says that Kajal would be endorsing the brand in the South Indian markets.

It further stated that the brand would reach out to its Sounth Indian customers through widespread campaigns. In this regard, a new print and television ad campaign featuring Kajal Agarwal will be soon released.

Regarding the deal, Head of Marketing, Minoo Phakey stated that the brand Amla has a history of being endorsed by reigning beauty queens from the world of Indian cinema and they are very happy to further this history by their association with Kajal Agarwal.