No, this is not the Jyothika starrer Chandramukhi we are talking about! The character Chandramukhi has a much longer history in Telugu cinema and it is part of the all time classic Devadas movie. And we know that Devdas isn’t just restricted to Telugu alone and several versions have been made over the decades in various industries and various actors have been roped in to portray iconic characters for the film.

The latest version in such long tradition lasting decades is being made in Hindi. Critically acclaimed director Sudhir Mishra is going to make this film in Bollywood and he has roped in Kajal to play the role of courtesan Chandramukhi in the film. Richa Chadda would play Parvathi and Rahul Bhatt has been roped into play the primary character of drunkard Devdas. The shooting of the film was stuck from some time due to casting problems with Chandramukhi character, now that Kajal is on board it’s expected to begin soon. The film is a modern interpretation of the classic novel much like DevD made in 2009 was.