Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal, the upcoming heroine in noth Tollywood and Kollywood is now all set to make her move in Bollywood, even though it is a little tough balancing both the carrers. In this context Kajal says, “I’m in no hurry to sign scripts. I had five releases in Tollywood and I’m very choosy about my work.”

Despite this, Kajal’s upcoming film Special Chabbis with Akshay Kumar is scheduled to release the next month. About the difference between working in the two industries, kajal says, “There’s really no difference between the two because they function the same way there as they do here. People there are extremely punctual, disciplined and wrap up shooting on time. I do have a base in South and I’ve done 25-26 films there. However, I do find Bollywood easier because Hindi is my language. Over there, I had to learn the language and it was a challenge. Besides on sets, we have a lot of fun here and we end up chatting and joking around”.