Kajal evicted in 14th week of Bigg Boss TV showMaanas, Sunny, Siri, Shanmukh and Kajal are the five contestants in the danger zone in the 14th week of the Bigg Boss TV show. As per our sources, Kajal is officially evicted from the show as she received less votes this week. With her eviction, the house is now left with only 5 contestants.

The fight for the top 5 was tough this season with almost everyone equally deserving to be in the first five places. Kajal is one of the strong female contestants that the TV show ever witnessed. However, her behavior in some crucial fights made the difference.

Kajal‘s over-enthusiasm, unnecessary involvement in others’ matters, cunning nature in a few situations have contributed to her failure to be in the top 5.

However, her kind nature, easily forgiving, good bond with others, especially Sunny and Maanas helped her in gaining survival till the 14th week.

With Kajal’s elimination, the title race will be between Shanmukh, Siri, Sreeram, Sunny, and Maanas.