Kajal believes in shelf life of actresses

Kajal Agarwal has come a long way in the industry, playing different kind of roles across varied genre of films. She also believes that all actresses nowadays have shelf life, and one should be aware of it. Kajal understands deep down she can’t be an actor forever, and therefore, is ready to accept retirement from the industry whenever needed.

The actress, who considers herself unselfish, says she doesn’t mind playing second heroine in a film as long as she has important part to play.
She says she is not one among the actresses who are desperate for screen presence because what matters to her to the most is the importance of her role as she believes it’s a performance audience remember but not a character.

Kajal, who has been in the industry, for over eights years now, says her top priority will always be south cinema even though she is getting busy in Bollywood. The reason she hasn’t signed any Telugu project in the recent past is because she didn’t find any interesting project.