Kabzaa_Movie_CollectionsKannada cinema pleasantly shocked the world with KGF and KGF 2 which were blockbusters at the box office. And then there was Kantara which had a decent run at the pan Indian box office.

But that’s been about it. Another pan Indian biggie, Vikrant Rona with Kiccha Sudeep was a damp squib.

Now, Kabza, another supposed pan Indian outing from Kannada cinema has been hyped up. But now, it is being termed as a cheap copy of KGF and it is turned down by other language audiences.

Consistency is the key for an industry to have good prospects at the pan Indian box office. But after true blue pan Indian blockbusters KGF, KGF 2, Kannada cinema had a mildly decent one with Kantara but the rest have failed miserably.

Netizens are commenting that Kannada cinema has had a one time wonder with KGF and everything else has been on a downward spiral.

Kabza is a latest dud which is being tipped to be a cheap copy of KGF. This further dampens the spirit to a great extent.