Kabir-SinghThough the original Arjun Reddy was a trendsetting blockbuster, copying frame to frame including the promotional material is not done for the Hindi remake Kabir Singh. As it is the same director for the remake too, it looked exciting in the beginning but now it has become boring.

Shahid Kapoor who is playing the lead role in the film has shared the latest poster from the film where he is seen sporting the stethoscope with sunglasses as the smoke surrounds him. This can be new for the Hindi audience who have never heard of Arjun Reddy, but for the ones who have seen or heard about the film already, which is a big number, this is almost a dubbing film.

It is just the actor that is changed in the frames and the rest all, including the inches of the beard and the amount of cigarettes plus the drugs and alcohol. Have they realized yet that all of the same stuff that they are repeating to create the same excitement is boring?