Kabali Seva Gets Rajinikanth's ApprovalActor Selva, who has rechristened himself as Kabali Selva is a die-hard fan of Superstar Rajinikanth. He is making a film titled ’12-12-1950′. What’s the importance of this date? For every Rajinikanth’s fan, this date is like a celebration because it happens to be the birthday of the Superstar.

Kabali Selva is playing one of the five leads in the film. To avoid controversies that would creep up eventually, he approached the Superstar after the completion of the script and before he began shooting. Delighted with the Superstar’s blessings, actor Kabali Selva went on with the production and finally.

The title of the film makes the film half the winner and the rest of it will depend on the content of the movie. While Kabali Selva is coming up with ’12-12-1950′, the Superstar is getting ready to give us a treat with Shankar’s ‘2.0’ and Pa Ranjith’s ‘Kaala’. Rajinikanth’s name is enough to generate curiosity among movie buffs.