Pa. Ranjith, Pa. Ranjith abused, Pa. Ranjith Kabali caste, Pa. Ranjith Kabali Controversy, Director Pa. Ranjith caste issueThis really can be termed as regressive mindset where the director of a superstar’s film is abused in the name of caste. Even the superstar isn’t spared and he is abused in the name of the mother tongue.

The superstar is Rajinikanth and the his director is Pa Ranjith of ‘Kabali’. But the director is in no mood to respond to the casteist comments and opines that those people think that way implying that these people wouldn’t change even in a progressive society.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s mother tongue isn’t Tamil. He is a Maharashtrian who settled in Tamil Nadu. This isn’t the first time he was attacked on the basis of his mother tongue. In the past, when there had been rumors that Rajinikanth is going to make political entry, the first criticism came on his mother tongue not being Tamil.