Kaalicharan girl busy with designing project

Kavita Srinivasan, who made an impressive debut with Kaalicharan, is currently busy attending to her two months old baby boy. While she has taken a small break from acting, but she’s keeping herself busy with a design project of a theater space in Kerala. Kavita is an architect from MIT university in the US, and when a close friend requested her to take up this project, she was happy to do it.

She said she’s been working on it over a year. Apparently, Kavita has also been theater and has worked in this friend’s production house quite a few times. She says she is actually designing an informal theater space and therefore is enjoying the flexibility and not adhering to strict rules of designing. She added that the project is nearing completion and has been delayed due to the monsoons in Kerala.

She also said that Kaalicharan will soon be dubbed in Tamil and released. Kavita is equally enjoying motherhood that’s keeping her busy and she enjoying the experience.