Kaala US Ticket Price for PremiersRajini is equally loved by Telugu audience as much as the Tamil viewers which created appropriate hype in both the states whenever he had a film for release just like his previous one Kabali that had huge hype before the release which Kaala lacking now.

Unlike Kabali, there is $5 difference in Tamil and Telugu US premiers. Telugu premiers priced at $20 per ticket, and Tamil Premiers can be watched for $25. After Premiers, the regular shows priced reasonably at $15. Kabali despite the negative talk stood as No.1 Kollywood film at the US box office with $4.5 Million collections. Will Kaala repeat the magic? Expectations are pretty less for now, but we never know, if the content has the magic it may do wonders.

Meanwhile, a rumor of the film’s release date is postponed again is making rounds on social media which might have lost a little more buzz on the film. But the filmmakers have confirmed that there is no such delay and the film is releasing as scheduled. It would be pretty interesting to see how Kaala goes for Rajini who suffered the postponement of most expected 2.0.