Kaala-Teaser-2-Loaded-with-Energy-ShotsRajinikanth’s ‘Kaala‘ trailer had been intriguing enough and generated the expected hype on the movie that is going to come to our nearest theatre on 7th June. If there is any gap left out and as if to fill that gap, the makers had released a new teaser.

From the title, it’s obvious that the teaser was loaded with high energy shots. There are no dialogues and only action and dances. The song that runs on the background is an apt fit to showcase the high-energy shots we have got to see in this new teaser. Ahead of the release, Rajinikanth’s angry and energetic display is going to help the movie, big time.

Rajinikanth’s style is intact and that aura surrounding him is unique and the king of style is back in black. Needless to say, the new teaser is impressive and a visual treat for his die-hard fans who are anxiously waiting for the release. It came at the correct time and those few goosebump shots in the teaser would be enough for now.