Kaala,-Officer-Saved-the-Exhibitors-from-LossesRajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘Officer’ have one thing in common. They have both saved the exhibitors in the USA by releasing them on their own. If not, the scenario would have been completely different though ‘Kaala’ has grossed a decent figure.

‘Kaala’ has collected $1.625 Million till date and thankfully it is an average movie though it didn’t perform as expected coming from the superstar. If the distributors had bought the movie, it must collect double the amount it has collected for the breakeven figure. Isn’t it clear that the exhibitors had escaped heavy losses?

Own release by the producers did the trick. Thankfully, the producers didn’t try to sell the movie in the US. Coming to ‘Officer’ it has grossed only $62K in the US. The makers of this movie had also released on their own and it was a saving grace for the exhibitors.