Kaala Audio on May 9thRajinikanth has been facing quite a few hurdles on the ways of his films racing for the release. 2.0 release has been pushed to an unknown date and Kaala after number of rescheduled, fixed the 7th June for a grand release and yet has got competition behind its back.

Jurassic World second part was supposed to release worldwide on June 22, but now was advanced for a June 8 release. The film has got as much fan base as Rajini has got in here. Jurassic World has big hype in India and also got high expectations for coming after Avengers.

Now, this has only cut down half of the views for Kaala. Earlier, Kaala was supposed to release with Avengers, but avoided competition there, but got another one now in the form of a dinosaur. Let see if Rajini is gonna win the fiercest animal ever on earth.